Wednesday October 28 2020
Capello: ‘Italian teams disadvantaged in Europe’

Fabio Capello has called on UEFA to regulate fans' attendance at stadiums in European games: ‘It’s not fair that some clubs can have home supporters while others can’t.'

Capello was speaking on Sky Sport after Tuesday round of Champions League fixtures, and argued that there is an unfair advantage for clubs who are able to play in front of supporters.

“Shakhtar played with 15.000 fans against Inter and I think they were helped by them,” Capello said after the Nerazzurri’s 0-0 draw in Ukraine on Tuesday.

“This is always favourable for home teams.”

Fans’ attendance at stadiums depends on the regulations of each country. Clubs like Shakhtar, Dynamo Kiev and Porto could play their European games in partially opened stadiums while Italian teams can’t have their supporters in home games.

“Inter and the other Italian clubs must play without their fans. Home supporters can influence the referee sometimes and it can be positive for them.

“This is a big disparity that should be regulated by UEFA. It’s not fair that some team can play with their fans while others can’t.

“I give importance to this thing, fans can have an impact. For players with no personality is better to play without fans, but those who have it, can be helped.”