Thursday October 29 2020
Zlatan: 'Respect the COVID rules'

Milan forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic indirectly responds to Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo by urging people to ‘not challenge COVID-19 and respect the rules’.

The Rossoneri forward encouraged the Italians to keep ‘distance’ and wear masks in the battle against coronavirus.

The Old Lady forward Cristiano Ronaldo was not happy to sit out against Barcelona last night and posted picture saying he felt ‘good and healthy’.

Ibrahimovic has indirectly responded by joking that people should respect the rules as ‘you are not Zlatan’.

“The virus challenged me and I won,” he said on Instagram. “But you are not Zlatan, don’t challenge the virus.

“Use your head, respect the rules: distance and mark, always. We’ll win!”