Thursday October 29 2020
Liverani: 'Parma need time'

Parma coach Fabio Liverani said his Gialloblu ‘need time’ but was happy with ‘the attitude’ on display in the 3-1 win against Pescara.

Yann Karamoh scored a first-half brace before Andrea Adorante added the third in the second half and Liverani was happy with how the team ‘approached’ the Coppa Italia match.

“What we are looking for is the spirit, which is growing as a team and the best thing is the attitude and the seriousness in which we approached this match,” Liverani said.

“It could have been taken lightly. That’s the best thing and I liked it. There were good plays by players who played with the first team for the first time.

“The response has been positive and even some young players we know can be good.”

Liverani stressed he has only been in charge for games in the League and believes the Crociati ‘need time’.

“As I said, I hope to be able to work with the full squad for a month,” he added. “If we get through this period, I think the team can find the ideas we are looking for.

“I don’t make tables, I try to prepare for one match after another. We need to think about the first round to understand what we must do; we have played five games.

“The championship has 38, judging already is a bit fast. The team need time, we had no retreat and we can still work regardless of this.

“We need this, I have no big concerns about the rest. I’m calm and I have a full squad that can entertain me, it’s something I like and it’s stimulating. We need time."