Friday October 30 2020
Maradona: ‘Napoli Scudetto as birthday present’

Diego Maradona turns 60 today and says he would like to see Napoli win the Scudetto as a birthday present.

The Azzurri legend spoke to Il Corriere dello Sport on the day of his birthday revealing which presents he would like to receive.

"Nothing for me. I would like this murderous pandemic to go away.

“I would like him to leave everyone in peace, especially those countries, those people and those children so poor that they cannot even defend themselves.

“I wish that here in Argentina as in so many, too many, other parts of the world the viruses of hunger and lack of work that devour the dignity of people can olso be defeated.

“And then, since I really can not talk about football, I would like my Gimnasia, next to return to the pitch, can win the title after more than ninety years. 

“And if it is true that there is never two without three, I would like another Scudetto for Napoli soon. I follow them and I like the team.”

Maradona has also a message for the Partenopei’s boss Gennaro Gattuso.

“Dear Gattuso, go on like this, with your grit and your ability to play football.

“I’m rooting for you and I want to tell you something: there are people who boast of having played in Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus. I am proud to have been part of Napoli. I hope that one day you can say it too.”