Friday October 30 2020
Cristiano Ronaldo’s unfortunately eventful quarantine

Cristiano Ronaldo has tested negative for Covid and Michelle Bonsu looks at how events have unfortunately unfolded during his quarantine.

Earlier this month, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo became the latest victim of this global disaster when he was diagnosed with Covid-19 while on international duty with Portugal.

Ronaldo’s absence has been already keenly felt, as Juventus have stuttered in recent weeks, stumbling to draws against bottom ranked Crotone, minnows Hellas Verona and most recently, losing to Barcelona at home for the first time in the club’s history. All this comes as Juventus' Serie A dominance looks like it will be tested this season.

Meanwhile, the Portuguese star has been more intent on making his presence known off the pitch, and it has not gone down well with officials in his adopted nation.

On October 14, one day after he tested positive, he returned to Turin with an air ambulance and this is where the first controversy arose. Ronaldo raised the ire of Sport Minister Vincenzo Spadafora. The latter believed the Euro 2016 winner should not have been able to travel to Portugal in first place due to Juventus supposedly having a “protective bubble” and if he did leave it, then he shouldn’t have been able to return back to Turin after contracting COVID-19.

One week before, Ronaldo had left the Juventus bubble at the J Hotel where the team group was self-isolating after two members of the external staff tested positive for Covid. Ronaldo wanted to join his national team and left the J Hotel with Paulo Dybala, Juan Cuadrado, Danilo, Rodrigo Bentancur, Gigi Buffon and Merih Demiral.

Juventus informed the local ASL that notified the Prosecutor’s Office but the players only risk a €400 fine if they are found guilty.

CR7 took to Instagram to respond to Spadafora. “I’m always at home, now I’m sunbathing, also to let the days pass. I’m respecting the protocol, I did not break it, as has been said: It’s a lie,” he said.

“I returned from Portugal because my team and I made sure to comply with all the procedures. I returned to Italy by air ambulance and I have had no contact with anyone, even in Turin."

The quarrel is not over yet as Spadafora insisted Ronaldo had violated the protocol as early as five days ago.

Naturally, though, as is the case in all matters, there are always different strokes for different folks, and Ronaldo is no exception to this, so Spadafora singling out a wealthy footballer who came back to his house on an air ambulance looks more just a matter of virtue signalling and trying to make an example for weary and frustrated citizens than anything else.

That being said, one would have expected the Juventus ace after that first incident to keep a lower profile and quietly settle down in Turin to recover from illness.

His sister, Katia Averio, also got in on the act, stating on Instagram on October 14 that her brother’s positive test was a fraud and basically insinuating that his Covid diagnosis was the best example for people to believe in the virus and take care of themselves, changing their habits.  

Two weeks later, it was Ronaldo himself to share a similar message as he opted to take to criticising the testing methods when he turned up positive shortly before the Bianconeri were set to take on Barcelona in the Champions League earlier this week. Not only did he condemn the methodology, he called it outright rubbish (and that’s putting it mildly).

Although he eventually dialled back on his statements – perhaps realising he’d actually gone too far this time, Minister of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies Teresa Bellanova slammed him for his comments.

"Cristiano Ronaldo should think a little longer when he calls the tampon for the covid "bul…” she said.

"The fact that he, as a successful athlete, feels good despite the positive swab, does not mean that the virus that hit him is harmless. The obligation to be isolated serves to protect others, those who are elderly, those who are more fragile.

"It is a form of protection and respect for the community. And, I add, also towards the thousands of victims of this virus, as well as towards those who struggle between life and death, hospitalized and in intensive care."

Curiously enough, the ever-outspoken Zlatan “the Lion” Ibrahimović also caught COVID-19, but went into isolation and recovered without much fuss, and has since returned to action for AC Milan. The 39-year-old was the hero for the Rossoneri recently as Milan recorded their first Serie A win over Inter in the Derby della Madonnina in four years, and is presently this season’s Capocannoniere with six goals.

It’s not often that anyone would say that Ronaldo should take cues from Ibrahimović – after all, this is a man who not too long ago did say that a “World Cup without Zlatan isn’t worth watching” after Sweden were beaten 4-2 by Portugal in the play-offs prior to the 2014 edition, but these are indeed strange times. Not surprisingly, Ibrahimović just couldn’t help but throw a bit of ever-so subtle shade in the direction of the man who denied him the opportunity to feature in his last ever World Cup by saying that “We should all respect the rules…[because] you are not Zlatan”.

It now remains to be seen what he does next during what has been a rather unfortunate and unnecessarily eventful quarantine for the four-time Champions League winner.

Pic credit: @Cristiano on Instagram

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Ronaldo had it right. There are swaths of MDs and Scientists calling for the Cycle Count of a PCR test to be clearly stated on each result.

For those of you who don't know how PCR tests work, they are amplifying any possible part of a virus, amplifying up to 50 times. After 20-25 amplifications/cycles the amount of Covid19 is so small it should be discounted. Scientists want any cycle count 30+ to be counted as Negative as that amount is harmless, and the daily cases would drop 70-80% at least
on the 3rd November, 2020 at 3:05pm
Ronaldo deserves everything he has received for his ego and selfishness.

He should have respected the rules just like the people have done even when he was negative and none of this would have happened.
He is still a person, the virus doesnt give special treatment because its Ronaldo.

What people fail to realise is that ronaldo may have been well and not showing any signs but the factor is that he would pass on the virus to others who are not as strong and fit as him.79A
on the 31st October, 2020 at 9:06am
Yes he should've played because he is Ronaldo, if football needs to be sacrificed to stop Corona it would take a blink of an eye.
on the 31st October, 2020 at 8:03am
The braindamaged airheads like @Fastulf and @Fonzerelli on this blog are amazing.

PCR is a Nobel-prize winning discovery which has enabled and furthered the path of science as we know it. Calling its efficacy into question by saying “its use is criminally fraudulent” is the worst stupidity I've ever read.

Don't listen to me, read this scientific article if you are so inclined:

ROFL get a life, you losers!
on the 31st October, 2020 at 5:28am
him having covid was total fake news...or just a fake test result. as for him not playing, juve suffered in looking like an average top tier team, who with him have somewhat built a formula around him but without him seem lost like a puppy in terms of being the greatest most dominate italian club in history.
on the 30th October, 2020 at 8:37pm
The use of the PCR test to diagnose anything, let alone an alleged virus, is criminally fraudulent. Over 94% of positive results are FALSE positives. The late Kary Mullis who designed the PCR stated this prior to his death - look it up. Ronaldo never had CV19, nor likely has anyone since mid-summer. The PCR is being used deliberately to falsify stats and artificially prolong the use of unlawful measures to remove peoples rights and civil liberties. Proof of this is abundant. Seek the truth.
on the 30th October, 2020 at 7:25pm
Sometime by not being available shows how valuable you are. This is another case as Juve didn't get full points in serie A and looked terrible vs Barca.

Hopefully like a caged Tiger once he is released he will go nuts and put the ball in the net (hopefully not offside)
on the 30th October, 2020 at 5:15pm
Yes this was such bad timing. We then have to depend on Dybala which is useless... you know... the guy who had problems with Allegri and Sarri for playing him out wide. Then Pirlo comes in and changes that and what does Dybala do?? Come on vs Barca and literally drop deep and play wide by Cuadra. What a waste of time he is!! Too many foolish Juve fans defending him. I feel sorry for DelPiero who constantly gets asked about Dybala being his heir and ADP has to be nice and say nice things...
on the 30th October, 2020 at 4:43pm
Cristiano Ronaldo has won the Champions League 5 times, not four
on the 30th October, 2020 at 4:01pm

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