Saturday October 31 2020
Marchisio: 'Chiesa cannot cost 60m'

Claudio Marchisio maintains Juventus overpaid to get Federico Chiesa from Fiorentina. ‘It’s not right that someone who was fighting relegation should cost €50-60m.’

The 23-year-old made the move on transfer deadline day for €10m loan, with obligation to buy for €40m plus bonuses.

“He is a real talent, but there is too much pressure on him created by the transfer market,” former Juventus midfielder Marchisio told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“It’s not right that someone like him, who was fighting relegation in Florence, should cost €50-60m. Then he arrives at a club like Juve and has to immediately prove himself: with different transfer figures, it’d be easier for a young player in that situation.

“He needs to find the right position on the field, but in my view, he will explode and become a star.”