Saturday November 7 2020
Ibrahimovic points to 'psychological' Milan issue

Italian newspapers have analysed Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s gesture during the 3-0 Europa League defeat to Lille, referring to a ‘psychological’ issue within the team.

This was the first Rossoneri defeat of the season, as they had been unbeaten since before the lockdown in March.

Ibra was substituted during the second half and made a gesture with his hands, circling around the side of his head, which in Italian refers to an issue of mentality.

According to the Corriere della Sera newspaper and Tuttosport, Ibrahimovic was not aiming the gesture at coach Stefano Pioli, nor even necessarily at himself.

It was more of a general note that the mentality of the team was not in the right place during that moment.

“The way the team gave up against Lille was precisely what he cannot abide,” wrote Tuttosport.

“Walking to the bench, he made visible gestures to explain the problem was psychological. The first setback of the season for Milan shook everyone up and particularly the Swede, but the objective now is to get straight back to winning ways against Verona.”