Tuesday November 10 2020
Sirigu understands 'worried' clubs

Salvatore Sirigu claims he understands clubs ‘afraid’ of the international break but insists playing for Italy makes him proud.

The Torino goalkeeper spoke at an Italy press conference ahead of Wednesday’s friendly against Estonia.

"Wearing the national team jersey makes everyone proud, who is part of this group is honoured regardless the importance of the game,” Sirigu said.

“Playing for Italy is the most important thing for a professional.”

Several Serie A and European clubs, however, believe international breaks are not necessary in this moment.

"It’s a particular moment, it’s normal for clubs and executives to be afraid of not being able to control their players, therefore they have doubts. This is understandable.

“In Italy, the protocol is even more rigid because we are also isolated,” Sirigu added.

“The trips are made in maximum safety, unfortunately the pandemic is not controllable but you can reduce the margin of contagion using the utmost care.

“The importance of the national team is undisputed even for players who are part of it.”