Thursday November 12 2020
Preziosi: ‘Genoa thought about Balo’

Genoa President Enrico Preziosi has revealed he wanted to sign Mario Balotelli and has claimed ‘COVID protocols should be changed.’

"This is an anomalous championship where everything that is decided becomes precarious,” he told Telelombardia.

“The situation we are experiencing is certainly not normal and you have to adapt to the rules but it is clear that going on like this is difficult.

“I believe that something in the protocols should be changed.

“Everyone says that we could do something different, but we are finding ourselves in an absurd situation that we did not expect. We hope to return to normal as soon as possible".

Preziosi did also talk about the Grifone’s transfer strategies.

“[Nicolò] Rovella arrived here when he was 13, we knew his value.”

The 18-year-old has been linked with many top Serie A clubs, including Juventus and Milan.

“He has shown that he knows how to express himself in Serie A and it is normal to have aroused the interest of some teams,” Preziosi said.

“Genoa is ideal for his growth, then we will eventually talk about something else.

“I had also thought about [signing Mario] Balotelli,” Preziosi revealed.

“I thought he could be recovered but then we made other choices and [Gianluca] Scamacca will have an exceptional future. Balotelli is a good guy, now he’s off our radars but I hope he can redeem himself.”