Saturday November 14 2020
Luis Alberto apologises for plane rant

Luis Alberto has apologised for criticising Lazio’s decision to buy a plane when they want their squad to take pay cuts. ‘I did something very stupid.’

The midfielder vented his irritation during a livestream on Twitch, where he complained at news Lazio had purchased their very own Boeing to make travelling for games easier.

“Oh very nice, they don’t have the money to pay us, but can afford to buy a plane…” he had said.

This sparked controversy and today Luis Alberto back-tracked on social media, this time with an Instagram video.

“We had prepared a statement, but it seemed a little cold, so here I am,” he said.

“I always faced up to my mistakes and I’m doing it now too. That was not the right moment to say that, I know that money isn’t everything and this is a difficult time for everyone.

“I can’t wait for this all to end, as I want to get back to playing football and enjoying myself. When I said that, though, I said it for everyone and wanted Lazio to work well for everyone. There’s a whole world behind the scenes.

“I am the first to admit I did something very stupid, as I’ve given everything for Lazio and I received messages urging me to be more Laziale. I have been here for four years, the fans have supported this club since they were children, so I can never match that.

“I apologise to those who felt offended, as that was not my intention, to talk about money. As a team, we gave up on a month’s salary because we knew the difficulties and wanted to help our staff.

“I am not a Laziale, I can’t be, but there is great respect for what Lazio gave me. We really are a family here. I chose the wrong moment to say it, but anything I say is because I think we ought to improve together. So Forza Lazio, let’s win this battle together!”