Sunday November 15 2020
Lazio 'didn't pay for plane'

More details are emerging on the new Lazio plane, which was built in 1989, gifted by a Bulgarian firm and not exclusively for their use.

President Claudio Lotito proudly presented the Boeing 737/300, prompting an irritated response from midfielder Luis Alberto.

It seems the cost of this plane was not quite so expensive, or indeed any at all, because it is a gift from Bulgarian firm Tayaranjet in exchange for advertising.

The plane was built in 1989 and has been refurbished to ensure it is still available to travel, but Lazio aren’t the only ones using it.

The Corriere della Sera newspaper claims the Bulgarian company will also use the plane for their regular flights, loaning it to Lazio free of charge in exchange for the publicity this will bring.

The plane had originally been made for Lufthansa and had been in their fleet until it was retired in 2016, then sold to Tayaranjet.

Image: @officialsslazio