Monday November 16 2020
Dal Pino: 'Serie A doesn't risk another stop'

The Lega Serie A President Paolo Dal Pino said the Italian League has the ‘strictest protocol in Europe’ and won’t risk another stop.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause problems for the League and the Lega chief has asked for help from the Italian government.

“We must do our job, but in the face of the €600m lost due to the restrictions, we asked for new measures,” Dal Pino told La Politica nel Pallone, according to Calcio e Finanza.

“We ask to postpone the payment terms; we don’t want to steal money from the state. The problem is that neither the undersigned nor the President of the FIGC [Gabriele] Gravina never received any answers from the government.

“I expect more sensitivity, attention and care, because there are 32 million Italians who follow this sport.”

But the Lega Serie A President insists the championship doesn’t risk being stopped again and added the local authorities have implemented the ‘strictest protocol in Europe’.

“I don’t see any reason that can lead us to stop the championship,” he added. “We have the strictest protocol in Europe, agreed and approved by the Ministry of Health.

“We have always respected it and where there have been doubts, the Prosecutors have investigated.

“Since May, we started again in an exemplary way and we have asked the Sports Medical Federation to propose a protocol that is even more severe, if possible.

“We can’t do more than this."