Tuesday November 17 2020
Lazio: Immobile waits for final test results

Lazio forward Ciro Immobile waits for the final test results for coronavirus, as his 10 days quarantine period is up.

The Italy international spent the whole weekend hoping to reach the Italy squad, as he reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.

Immobile tested positive for the N gene that has kept him out of the Champions League in recent weeks and Immobile underwent two private swabs in different laboratories, as he didn’t give up on a place the Azzurri squad.

One of the two tests found the usual positivity and he was eventually removed from the squad list.

The report reveals he is expected to be tested today, as it’s his 10th day in quarantine and it could allow him to leave his home, but a negative result would also keep him isolated.

The protocol for asymptomatic positive tests says a negative test would allow Immobile to carry out a fitness examination and a cardiological test.

Those are the key steps before the centre-forward could return to the pitch. Immobile has been carrying the reactivity of the N gene since the end of October, when he was not allowed to play against Club Brugge in the Champions League.