Saturday November 21 2020
Pirlo: 'Juventus must dominate the game'

Andrea Pirlo explains why Juventus should focus on ‘dominating the game’ after their 2-0 victory over Cagliari. ‘You have to move the ball rapidly from side to side.’

The Bianconeri kept only their second Serie A clean sheet of the season, as Cristiano Ronaldo bagged both goals just before half-time.

Federico Bernardeschi and Cagliari’s Ragnar Klavan also hit the back of the net, but their goals were ruled offside.

“The players may change, but our style of football must remain the same,” Pirlo told DAZN.

“We did very well to control the game in the first half especially, so we needed a performance like this to boost the confidence and self-belief of the team.

“When you come back from international duty, it’s always tough to focus, but we did well to maintain the right spirit from the very beginning.

“We’ve got many players in the squad who can change the game by going on the counter, although there needs to be a balance, as otherwise we risk getting stretched out.”

Arthur scored his first goal for Brazil midweek and here put in a strong performance against Cagliari.

“He is the player we expected. He came from La Liga, which has a totally different approach above all to training more than playing. He needed time to settle in, he is a guarantee on the ball and finds the right solution to escape the opposition press,” continued the coach.

“There’s plenty of quality in this squad, but that is not enough. In order to dominate the game, you have to move the ball rapidly from side to side.

“The players also enjoy that style of football, and when you have possession, pinning the opposition back, you even get to rest on the ball and not run so much.

“We’ve been trying for this pressing game since the start, but didn’t have much time this season to work on it. The key essentially is to win back the ball as quickly as possible so that we keep the pressure constantly on the opposition and maintain possession.”

Paulo Dybala came off the bench in the closing stages, but Alvaro Morata and Cristiano Ronaldo are forming an unbreakable partnership.

“When Dybala is fully fit, then he will play more in his role. He’s been on antibiotics for the last 10 days due to an old virus, but he did come on well today with a bit more strength.”

Ronaldo found the net in each of his first five seasonal appearances, something he had only ever done once before, with Real Madrid in 2014-15.

“Ronaldo is a great professional, as we all knew, and he sets the example for everyone around him in both the matches and training. The only advice I can give him is keep going like this!”