Sunday November 22 2020
Ibra 'would have joined Bologna for free'

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has claimed he would have joined Bologna for free for Sinisa Mihajlovic.

“I think Sinisa is a great man, I was lucky enough to know him as a person,” the Milan striker told La Gazzetta dello Sport during the unveiling of ‘La partita della vita’, Mihajlovic’s biography.

“We didn’t like each other at the beginning but when I knew him at Inter it was love from the very first day. I used to say: ‘If I’d go to war, Sini would be in first row, myself in the second.”

“I wanted to kill him during a Juventus-Inter,” the Bologna coach said.

“I thought all the worst. Luckily nothing happened, when he arrived at Inter I discovered that he is a great guy and I am proud to be a friend of his.”

“Sinisa was stronger than me,” Ibra continued, speaking about Mihajlovic’s fight against leukaemia.

“I told him: ‘Tell me what you need and I will do it, I would do everything.’

“He did everything he could to sign to bring me to Bologna, he used the right words but I was honest with him, I don’t run as I used to do before.

“Mihajlovic said I would only need to wait up front and I told him I would have joined Bologna for free only for him, then Milan arrived.

“The choice wasn’t between Bologna and Milan, but between playing or retiring.”