Sunday November 22 2020
Prandelli: ‘Fragile Fiorentina’

Cesare Prandelli is ‘disappointed’ after a 1-0 home defeat against Benevento and thinks Fiorentina are ‘too fragile.’

“I am very disappointed and bitter. I have to try to understand many things, we have to work a lot,” the Italian tactician told Sky Sport.

“The thing that catches the eye is that the team becomes shy and scary after the first difficulty and players start facing the game individually and not as a team.

"Perhaps for too many players the expectations are very high, and to withstand the expectations you have to have personality.

“What worries me the most is this fragility. This is not a problem of game system. After the first difficulty the team gets lost on all levels. This team must become a group with union of thoughts.

“If you do not have a team spirit playing football becomes complicated. There will be an open, sincere, discussion, because this is our job. We will try to understand how to improve this aspect.”

Both Giacomo Bonaventura and Franck Ribery picked up injuries.

“We thought we had recovered Bonaventura, we had prepared the game with him. Borja Valero hasn’t played an entire game since August, he is fit but not yet ready to start.

“Ribery had a problem at his flexor, he is a reference for everyone, his injury aggravated the fear.”