Tuesday November 24 2020
Strakosha was positive for COVID

According to news agency ANSA, an investigation into Lazio’s COVID-19 tests found Ciro Immobile and Lucas Leiva were correctly cleared, but Thomas Strakosha should’ve been positive.

The investigation was launched into the Futura Diagnostica laboratory in Avellino, which has been processing Lazio’s Coronavirus swabs this season.

Questions were raised when several players were considered positive in UEFA and Lega Serie A tests, but negative in those taken by the club.

News agency ANSA reports that those original swabs taken on November 6 were re-examined and the same results emerged for Immobile and Leiva, who were negative.

However, goalkeeper Strakosha had been given the all-clear by Lazio’s laboratory, only to be positive when the same swabs were re-tested.

Sky Sport Italia report that there were four different laboratories testing the same players during the week leading up to the Lazio-Juventus match that gave four slightly different results.

This again points to what Lazio had claimed, which is that the current testing system is too vague and has too many different interpretations of what is positive or negative for COVID-19.