Thursday November 26 2020
Raiola: 'Would you put salary cap on Banksy?'

Mino Raiola hit out at the idea of a salary cap in football, comparing the sport to the world of art. ‘Would you put a salary cap on Banksy or Leonardo Da Vinci?’

The representative of players including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba and Gianluigi Donnarumma spoke at the World Football Summit.

“When FIFA decide to introduce a salary cap, it’ll mean clubs are no longer capable of making their own decisions,” said Raiola.

“Some clubs are floated on the stock exchange, so FIFA can’t order them how to go about their business. It’s obvious that the transfer market no longer works the way FIFA want, because players can make their own decisions, they are assets in this sport.

“If we put a salary cap on players, then you should do it for everything. Cap transfers, cap directors and their salaries. Real Madrid and Barcelona get billions in revenue, should we demand they put a cap on their ticket prices?

“In that case, bring in a salary cap for actors, for journalists, for artists. Would you put a salary cap on Banksy, Leonardo Da Vinci or Rembrandt? How can you put a cap on talent?

“We are in a Capitalist world, but Gianni Infantino wants us to become North Korea. I have no problem with North Korea, but he can go live there and not me.”