Friday November 27 2020
Council demands Milan and Inter answers

The local authorities in Milan passed a motion urging Milan and Inter to make clear who the owners of the clubs are before permission is given to build a new stadium.

The motion was proposed by councillor Enrico Fedrighini, sparked by recent reports in Italian financial newspapers like Il Sole 24 Ore on who exactly owns AC Milan.

As Elliott essentially repossessed the holding company from Yonghong Li, there are some question marks that remain over who holds how many shares in these various companies.

“The stadium is a project that deserves a great deal of attention on who is investing and where these investments are coming from,” Fedrighini told news agency Ansa.

“It seems to me very urgent that we ask where this money is coming from. We all give urgency to the stadium project, but it’s an issue that regards all construction.”