Friday November 27 2020
'Maradona selfie-takers will pay dearly', lawyer warns

Diego Maradona’s lawyer Matia Morla has warned the three who took selfies with the Argentine legend’s dead body ‘will pay dearly’.

Three employees from the funeral home took selfies with Maradona’s body and then spread it online. One of them has already been identified and fired from his position.

For the two others, La Gazzetta dello Sport reports it’s only a matter of time. The shots where taken during the transport of the body from where Maradona died to the Presidential palace Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires.

The face and identity of at least one of the perpetrators is already known and the company has announced that it has already dismissed him.

The same fate will soon befall the other two employees involved, who posed next to the coffin just before sealing it.

The gesture will also have legal consequences, as Maradona’s lawyer Morla raged on social media.

“They are guilty of an outrageous and aberrant act,” he wrote. “They will pay dearly.”