Saturday November 28 2020
Marotta: 'Eriksen not functional for Inter'

Inter director Beppe Marotta confirms Christian Eriksen is ‘not functional’ to Antonio Conte’s team and likely to leave in January, even if the transfer was a bargain.

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“We are undoubtedly in a difficult moment, and we can resolve that by working together as a team both on and off the field. I can guarantee we are doing that,” Marotta told Sky Sport Italia after a 2-0 Champions League defeat to Real Madrid.

“I don’t want to seek alibis, but this season is anomalous for the many matches and stresses that are placed upon players, especially for teams like ours with many internationals.

“The performances certainly need to be more convincing. If we look at the game, we were down to 10 men and a goal down after a penalty, so even if Real Madrid were missing some big players, they were still an excellent team.

“As I said, we are not looking for excuses, but we’re still at the start of the season, there’s a long way to go and we must absolutely be optimistic.”

Marotta was inevitably asked about Eriksen and made it perfectly evident the Dane will leave mid-season to make way for a player more functional to Conte’s vision.

“The important term is ‘functional.’ Football is full of these situations, where players are signed who are then not functional to the tactical system or team he is placed into.

“We signed Eriksen in January for €20m and an excellent bargain on the transfer market, a great opportunity, but naturally the coach has to make his evaluations and has the right to choose his line-up.

“If we reach January and the player does not play regularly, so asks to be sold, we will deal with the situation and do so without the slightest bit of controversy.

“Naturally, we always try to improve and make the most of opportunities on the transfer market, but the problem is finding players who fit the team and genuinely would improve us. This was an operation on the transfer market that was positive, but simply not fully functional to the technical and tactical vision.”