Sunday November 29 2020
Cioffi: ‘Perfect debut’

Udinese’s assistant coach Gabriele Cioffi has said he had a perfect coaching debut and praised Luca Gotti: ‘He has built a great team.’

Cioffi replaced Gotti at the Olimpico in Udinese’s 3-1 win against Lazio.

“There couldn’t be a better first time,” Udinese’s assistant coach told DAZN.

“Gotti is a very important figure for the staff and for the players. He has built an important team. I was here today but he did all the work.

“He preparated the game very well, adrenaline and self-confidence can only increase.

“The guys dedicated their goals to Maradona. They also let off steam after that we didn’t earn points when we deserved in the previous games.”