Sunday November 29 2020
Prandelli: 'Fiorentina lack intensity, Donnarumma...'

Cesare Prandelli is aware Fiorentina ‘have a lot of work to do’ and praises Gigio Donnarumma: ‘He made two crucial saves.’

Prandelli had replaced Beppe Iachini on Fiorentina's bench earlier this month but lost the first two Serie A games in charge of La Viola.

“Often an episode can take away certainties, at this moment we have few,” Prandelli told DAZN after Fiorentina’s 2-0 defeat against Milan.

“Those few that we have, however, are good. We barely filled the area, but in 10 days we can’t fix everything right away.

“We must look for something different in the offensive phase, we must attack with more men the penalty area.

“[Gianluigi] Donnarumma made two crucial saves. We need to start again from there. If he hadn’t saved [Frank] Ribery’s shot we could reopen the game.”

Borja Valero was subbed in in the second half.

“He can organize and manage, but from this point of view we did well even before.

“When you concede two goals at San Siro, it gets complicated but we were always in the game.”

What are Fiorentina missing?

“Ferocity must give intensity during training sessions, I arrived recently and a bit of intensity is missing.

“We must work and think that courage in football lives in the penalty area, without courage do not score goals.”

Prandelli played against Diego Armando Maradona, as a Juventus and Atalanta player, back in the ‘80s.

"A very correct opponent, no one has ever had problems with Diego. He managed to make children and generations dream, the only one in the world. It’s a magical thing".