Monday November 30 2020
Doctor under investigation for Maradona’s death

Diego Maradona’s Doctor Leopoldo Luque is under investigation for the death of the Napoli legend. His house was searched by police but he defends himself: ‘My only fault is to have loved him.’

Maradona died at 60 last week, after a cardiac arrest.

His doctor Leopoldo Luque is now under investigation and his house was searched for two hours on Sunday.

About 30 policemen entered his property in the morning while he was having breakfast with his daughters, reports La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Luque operated Maradona’s brain only a few days before his death and is now accused of manslaughter.

“I did everything I could do save a friend, he was like a father to me but he had decided to let himself go,” Luque told journalists in tears, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“So many times he would send me away like a rebel father and the following day he would always call me: ‘Luque, I am feeling well, fu…off. Go away.’

“It happened so many times because we had a different relationship.

“One day I didn’t want to leave his room, he told me he would get up and punch me. I told me he’d need to stand up first and then catch me. I got a little distracted and he jumped on me. But I had reached my target because he got up from his bed.

“The following day. I went to remove stitches from his head, and there, with a smile, he told me: ‘You’re afraid, eh?’. He was on the couch and closed his eyes, pretending to be asleep.”

There is also a document where Maradona’s psychologist officially requested an ambulance outside his home and other specialists always available, including a neurologist.

Who should have adopted these measures?

“Surely not me,” said Luque.

“We decided all together, everything depended on Maradona’s opinion. According to our law, the only way we could take decision in place of him was to have a judge who would declare him mentally uncapable.

“We did more than what we could, more than what Digo wanted us to do.

“I am responsible for extending his life. There were nurses inside his home because I used the excuse of his operated surgery, but on that side he was absolutely fine.”