Tuesday December 1 2020
Zlatan insists FIFPro 'violates the rules'

Milan forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic said he ‘feels better’ and ‘will recover even faster’ after having received a satirical award for his attack on FifPro.

The Swede received his fifth Tapiro d’Oro by TV show Striscia la Notizia, a gag prize given to someone who has been notably embarrassed or defeated in the preceding week.

The reason he was awarded the Golden Tapir was his attack on EA Sports for using his name in the famous videogame FIFA without his consent, making a profit of the players’ names.

“They exploit my image without giving me anything: this violates the rules,” Ibrahimovic said, according to Tuttosport.

“EA Sports claims to have bought the rights from FifPro and that FifPro represents the players, but we haven’t signed anything.

“We must shed some light on this.”

The veteran continued to joke that he will recover even quicker after being awarded his fifth Golden Tapir: “I’m already better and with this Tapir, I’ll recover even faster…

“Cassano got 15 of these, I want to beat his record.”

Earlier this season, Andrea Pirlo was awarded the satirical prize for his difficult start at the Allianz Stadium.