Wednesday December 2 2020
De Siervo: 'Serie A channel considered'

Lega Serie A general manager Luigi De Siervo confirms Italian football is ‘considering setting up our own channel’ for TV rights.

Club stability is at risk, as the pandemic continues to transform fixture lists and damage revenue, but the 20 Serie A sides voted unanimously to accept investment from funds for the first time.

“The pandemic forced everyone to reconsider their status and the fixed points of our infrastructure, so Serie A too cannot rule anything out,” De Siervo told Radio Sportiva.

“We must look at the concept of sustainability, because elite football needs resources. We sell entertainment and the objective is to make the league as interesting as possible.

“The big networks must continue participating in the bidding wars to provide the money that clubs need. If the auction doesn’t provide the sufficient figures to sustain and develop the system, we will also evaluate setting up our own channel.

“In the last 10 years, Serie A finally realised the urgency of the need to get back to running and growing again. Time was wasted in the past and we are now on a path that will see Serie A develop on an international level.”