Friday December 4 2020
Fiorentina: Prandelli negative for COVID

Fiorentina have announced coach Cesare Prandelli has tested negative for coronavirus, only a few days after the positivity.

The Viola coach tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday and was placed in home isolation, but three consecutive tests have confirmed negativity to the virus.

Prandelli will therefore be back at the sports centre tomorrow and continue the preparations ahead of Monday’s match against Genoa.

“Fiorentina announce that on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Cesare Prandelli was subjected to molecular tests to search for COVID-19,” the club wrote in a statement.

“The tests carried out showed a negative result in all three cases, differently from what was detected on Tuesday evening.

“Based on the analysis of the results obtained, since it’s a positivity not definitely confirmed, the local health authority has defined the case as not confirmed, as usually occurs in cases of this type.

“Therefore, the isolation of Cesare Prandelli has been interrupted and the quarantine period for the entire team group was interrupted too.

 “Our couch will be able to return to carrying out his activities, starting with tomorrow’s training session. The team group, totally negative, will be able to continue the technical programme in accordance with the current rules of the protocol in place."