Saturday December 5 2020
Report: Nigeria made Osimhen injury worse

According to Tuttosport, Napoli medics believe Nigerian doctors did more damage to Victor Osimhen’s shoulder while trying to put it back into place, but the striker has denied it.

The forward dislocated his shoulder during Nigeria’s 4-4 draw with Sierra Leone on November 13.

Medical staff from the Nigeria squad tried to pop it back into place on the field, then he returned to Italy for tests and a specialist consultation.

Now Tuttosport claim that the shoulder dislocation has fully recovered, but Osimhen still can’t lift his arm properly.

This is allegedly because the incorrect technique used by the Nigerian doctors inflamed a tendon in his shoulder.

It would add even more to his recovery time and further irritate Napoli, who are missing their star striker during a key part of the season.