Saturday December 5 2020
Ronaldo's brother in fraud investigation

Cristiano Ronaldo’s brother is reportedly under investigation for fraud over special shirts that were sold despite assuring manufacturers they'd be destroyed.

The situation described by La Stampa and La Repubblica newspapers is that special edition jerseys were ordered by the Mussara company, which is owned by Juventus star Ronaldo and run by his brother, Hugo Dinarte Aveiro.

A Turin company, Pegaso, were asked to make these jerseys with CR7Museu logos for €500,000.

Mussara then claimed they had never given the all-clear to begin production and demanded they be given all those that had been manufactured at a price of €4 apiece so the shirts could be destroyed.

The problem is that Pegaso insist they spotted these same shirts on sale for €40 at the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum.

Pegaso are suing Mussara and the company director, Ronaldo’s brother, is therefore under investigation.