Saturday December 5 2020
Mihajlovic: 'Bologna didn't go to plan'

Sinisa Mihajlovic admits Bologna’s change of tactics ‘did not go to plan’ after a 3-1 defeat to Inter. ‘Maybe I wasn’t clear enough.’

The Rossoblu had hinted at a move to three at the back and enacted it at San Siro, but only began to create chances after returning to four.

“We weren’t our usual selves. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough with them. I changed the system, but it’s because I didn’t have many attacking options and I didn’t want to move too many out of position,” Mihajlovic told DAZN.

“I therefore added an extra defender, but maybe they didn’t understand the move was not to be more defensive. We didn’t do much in the first half, but neither did Inter in fairness.

“We were more aggressive after the break and scored a goal, but then conceded another within three minutes. At that point, I introduced some youth team players to get more experience and they were my only alternatives.

“I did expect us to be more aggressive. We were meant to press and be more attacking, but the change of system seems to have made us wait more than press. That was not the plan.

“I was forced to change the system because I just didn’t have the forwards and would have nobody coming off the bench later on.

“These are not the games we expect to win, but I did want us to be more aggressive. The tactical system is fun only for journalists, it’s about the attitude and mentality, which we were lacking today.”

Mihajlovic also ranted in his press conference yesterday that there was a ‘mole’ in the locker room that he was hunting. Did he identify the culprit?

“If I had found him, you’d have noticed someone was missing. We are still in the process of investigating…”