Tuesday December 8 2020
PSG-Basaksehir suspended after alleged racist abuse: what happened

Istanbul Basaksehir and PSG have walked off the pitch during their Champions League game after accusing the fourth official of racially abusing the assistant manager of the Turkish club.

The match was suspended when tension erupted on the touchline, Istanbul Basaksehir assistant manager Pierre Webo was sent off for dissent.

The problem seemed to be that Sebastian Colţescu, the Romanian fourth official, told the referee Ovidiu Haţegan to send Webo off, saying ‘the black guy,’ speaking in his native language.

Former Chelsea striker Demba Ba was also sent off.

Italy’s Marco Verratti started the game for PSG while Moise Kean was on the bench.

The game was supposed to be resumed at 9pm GMT with the fourth official being replaced by the VAR referee but apparently the game is not going to be resumed at all.