Sunday December 13 2020
Rossi’s wife lost for words after home robbed during funeral

Paolo Rossi’s wife Federica Capelletti says she is lost for words after their house was robbed during the funeral of the 1982 World Cup winner.

Rossi died on Wednesday aged 64 and his funeral was held in Vicenza on Saturday.

During the ceremony, his home in Bucine, in Tuscany, was robbed.

“I don’t even have the strength to talk,” Rossi’s wife Federica Cappelletti told QN.

"The death of Paolo was not enough, the stress of these exhausting days was not enough, the pain of all of us was not enough. They wanted to muddied the day when all Italy was crying.”

A ceremony to pay tribute to Rossi was also held in Perugia on Sunday.

“The link between Paolo and this city has always been strong. I thank the citizens of Perugia, I am proud to be one of you, my daughters were born here," Federica Cappelletti added.

"Thank you all for this affection in such a particular moment for us. I am realizing in these hours that people remember him for being a champion onto the pitch. But to got into their hearts, you need generosity, availability and love.”

Pic credit: Federica Cappelletti on Instagram