Monday December 14 2020
Juve: Agnelli hits back at Dybala

Juventus President Andrea Agnelli hits back at Paulo Dybala saying the club have already offered him a contract extension: ‘We are waiting for his reply, he is not among the top five players in Europe yet.'

La Joya scored his first goal in Serie A this season against Genoa yesterday and after the game he claimed Juventus have yet to offer him a contract extension: “My agent was in Turin for a long time and was never called up,” he said.

“It disappoints me to hear talk of invested financial figures. It would be better if the truth could be told, because talking about those figures in the current situation pits the fans against me, with all the love I have for Juventus,” Dybala added.

"I’ve heard the statements, it’s part of my job,” Agnelli replied during the Golden Boy award held in Turin by Tuttosport.

“The good news is the goal [he scored]. Paulo had a difficult time after contracting COVID. I heard with great pleasure his love for Juventus, The love is reciprocated.

“We see him as the captain of the future.

"I know he has already received a proposal that would put him among the top twenty most paid players in Europe. We’re looking forward to his response, the most important thing is to see his answer on the pitch. We all want him to be one of the top five players in Europe, he’s still not among them and he is aware of it."

The contract of the Argentinean striker expires in June 2022.