Wednesday December 16 2020
Gazidis: ‘Super League unlikely’

Milan’s CEO Ivan Gazidis claims ‘there isn’t a big likelihood that we see a Super League in the way that people talk about it’ while the format of the Champions League ‘could develop.’

"This conversation about the European Super League has been going on for probably more than 20 years," the former Arsenal director told the BBC.

"The reality is there are many different ways that European football could develop over the next 5-10 years.

"I don't think there's a big likelihood that we see a Super League in the way that people talk about it.”

Does he think that there could be developments in the way that the Champions League develops?

“Absolutely I do. That's a conversation we should have and have it with an open mind."

Gazidis did also discuss Milan’s development over the last year.

"We have set out a vision for a progressive, modern, young Milan team playing ultimately in the most beautiful stadium in the world and establishing itself both in the domestic game and also in the international game," he said.

"We have our stadium project, which will be the most modern and the most beautiful stadium in the world. It's an incredible project."

Speaking about the racist incident during PSG-Istanbul Basaksehir last week, Gazidis said he supports players who decided to walk off the pitch in protest.

"We talk a lot about racism but I'm a little bit fearful of the extreme reactions that we have, we all carry prejudices, all of us.

"These may be attitudes that aren't hatefully driven but driven through ignorance or through a lack of understanding of the sensitivities.

"I tell you why I would [support players] because they would do that only if it was something that they felt strongly about.

"We need to listen to those feelings if we're able to address them properly.

"There is something bigger than the points and what's happening on the field. In general, football has been an incredible force for good in this area."