Wednesday December 16 2020
Mihajlovic: 'Last penalty kick for Barrow'

Sinisa Mihajlovic reveals Musa Barrow won’t take the next penalty kick: ‘He had already missed one.’

Bologna recovered from two goals down and managed a 2-2 draw away at Spezia but their striker Musa Barrow missed a penalty kick in the stoppage time in the second half.

“It’s a fair result even if we made the usual mistakes in the first half,” Mihajlovic told Sky Sport.

“We missed four chances in front of their goal, we could have won it. I don’t know who is angrier between me and [Vincenzo] Italiano.

“This will be the last penalty kick taken by Barrow, he had already missed one,” the Serbian tactician added.

The former Atalanta striker fluffed another penalty kick against Spezia in Coppa Italia back in November.

“I usually give players another chance after they have missed a penalty kick, so that they don’t remain with a trauma

“But has two already and I’ll need to find another penalty kick tacker.

“Musa scored a great goal, but he is not doing well, he is too soft. He loses too many challenges. One can’t change his character, but he needs to improve.”