Tuesday December 22 2020
Paratici: 'Juve ready to play Napoli'

Juventus director Fabio Paratici shrugged off the Napoli ruling which means their Week 3 Serie A match has to be replayed. ‘When we are told to play, we will play.’

They host Fiorentina this evening at 19.45 GMT, click here for the line-ups and LIVEBLOG.

Just hours before kick-off, the CONI ruled that Napoli do have the right to play the game that was abandoned on October 4, so the 3-0 result has been revoked along with a point penalty to the Partenopei.

It means Juve drop from 27 points to 24, with a game in hand, the same as Napoli.

“The first comment we make is that we were always extraneous and indifferent to the situation,” Paratici told Sky Sport Italia.

“When they tell us to play, we will bring the ball and be there. After all, we were ready to play on October 4. There is no response to (Napoli President Aurelio) De Laurentiis, he just said what was obvious.

“When we are told to play, we will play. The fixture list has been drawn up, there is an organisation dealing with it and we’ll see what they say.”

Due to the ruling, that game was never played, so Adrien Rabiot’s ban was not completed.

In theory, he should’ve been suspended for the next match with Udinese, as the ruling came before midnight, but Juve decided to keep him out this evening with Fiorentina instead.

“To be on the safe side, we decided to take this approach. The rules say the first game after the sentence, so our next game is against Fiorentina.”

Paratici was asked if it was irritating for Juventus to travel to the stadium four points off the top, then arrive knowing they are seven points adrift?

“We are accustomed to winning leagues, we know we have to win around 30 games. We have one more to win, that’s all.”