Wednesday December 23 2020
Gazidis: 'Milan without pressure to spend'

Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis admitted the Rossoneri don’t follow the ‘basic mantra of spending more and more’, said Zlatan Ibrahimovic ‘is a force of nature’ and warned about the dangers of believing the Diavolo have ‘cracked the code’.

The Rossoneri are first in Serie A ahead of tonight’s matches and coach Stefano Pioli has managed to turn things around at Milanello.

Gazidis said the Diavolo ‘are trying to build a new sports model’ and won’t follow ‘the basic mantra in football’.

“We are truing to build a new sports model and we knew we would make mistakes,” Gazidis told The Associated Press.

“We wanted to make the club more efficient financially while increasing the performances on the field which everybody says basically can’t be done.

“The basic mantra in football is you have to spend more money if you’re going to be successful. Every day, people are vilified and attacked if they’re not spending more and more.

“There are some winners in that environment and there are many, many losers. I just don’t think that’s healthy for football.

“I would rather much see a stable, self-sustaining environment for the game where the competition on the field is every bit as ferocious and as exciting and more and more exciting than it’s ever been.

“But we don’t have the same kind of destructive pressure to spend, spend, spend, that seems to be such a relentless and ultimately futile demand.”

Gazidis also spoke about how impressed he is with the stylish people at Milan and then on how the club has managed to turn things around.

“It’s ludicrous. You’re totally outmatched, especially with the Milan legends. They’re just so good looking and stylish,” Gazidis told The Associated Press.

“There’s a style to this team and the city. Although, the club has been going through a tough time in recent years… this club resonates, and it just needs a little bit of love and care.

“It’s dangerous to think you’ve cracked the code – we certainly haven’t. We’re in a good moment now, but there will be difficult moments.”

Gazidis said the coronavirus pandemic ‘knocked football very hard’ as the club had to look for new ways of bringing in revenues with the stadiums closed.

“It’s obviously knocked football very hard. I dread to think what the crisis would have meant for football had it struck before financial fair play.

“So, I think, the impact has not been as dramatic as it could have been, but it’s dramatic.”’

The CEO continued to praise the young side, who face Lazio at San Siro tonight, but he claimed Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s impact after his return to Milan could be ‘one of his biggest accomplishments in his career’.

“We are seeing young players with personality, with energy, with commitment and with character driving the team forward,” Gazidis said.

“Zlatan is a force of nature. It can be one of his biggest accomplishments in his career. I think he’s approached it with incredible passion and seriousness.”