Friday January 8 2021
Gasp: 'It's hard to maintain continuity'

Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini said ‘there’s no need to have 28 players in the squad’ but expects a ‘complicated’ match against impressive Benevento.

The Nerazzurri come from back-to-back wins against Sassuolo and Parma, sitting seventh in the League with 28 points.

They are only seven points ahead of Benevento and Gasperini expects more surprises in Serie A.

“It will be a complicated match,” Gasperini said at a press conference. “Benevento have won six games and that’s many for a newly promoted side.

“They are having a good championship and on Sunday there were many surprising results at the top, there’s a battle and balance in all areas of the table.

“I don’t think the home factor counts anymore, in the current state of affairs.”

Gasperini said Jose Luis Palomino is doing better and claimed the five changes are helping to ease the load on his players.

“I look at the moment and the situation, Palomino is much better,” he said. “The tight games are a factor to consider, as well as the characteristics of the opponent.

“We often use five changes, even during the game in progress. You can even consider that a turnover.

“I needed to see [Mattia] Caldara in the match, even from a segment of the match you can understand the insertion of a player.

“We have something missing on the outside, but in the end we will be right. There’s no need to have 28 players in the squad. What matters is to get the results.”

Fighting on three fronts, including the Coppa Italia and the Champions League, Gasperini has one eye on the tough programme ahead too.

“We will play often in this period, we prefer to have more days off work and train on the pitch.

“Next week, we will play Genoa, Udinese and Milan. It was OK not to play in Udine at that moment, then there’s the backside of the medal.

“It’s the fruit of this season, we must adapt.”

Gasperini praised the level in Serie A this term and said it’s hard to ‘maintaing continuity’.

“At the moment there are many good matches,” he said. “Milan-Juventus was a high-quality match.

“Roma and Naples also express excellent football, as well as Verona and Benevento.

“In this historical moment, it’s not easy to maintain continuity."