Saturday January 9 2021
Mihajlovic hits out at 'shameful' turf

Sinisa Mihajlovic was furious after the ‘unexpected’ 2-0 defeat to Genoa, as after acknowledging his players need to score more, he hit out at the ‘shameful’ pitch.

The turf at the Stadio Luigi Ferraris had already been choppy during heavy rain in the midweek game, when Sampdoria beat Inter 2-1, but seemed even worse this evening.

“It is shameful that in the 21st Century we are forced to play Serie A games on this pitch. It was like a vegetable patch,” said the coach on Sky Sport Italia.

“You can’t try passing the ball on this field, as it bobbles around and changes direction, it takes a long time to get to you, it’s all unpredictable.”

Bologna dominated possession and pushed forward constantly, but were toothless, while Miha Zajc and Mattia Destro pounced on defensive errors.

“We tried to take the initiative, we didn’t deserve to lose, and yet we lost 2-0, so can’t complain. We moved it around in their final third, Genoa sat back and defended, so we needed a spark, something that would unlock them and change the game. Unfortunately, that moment didn’t come and we lost.

“What we need to do more, and it was an issue last week too, is when we’re up against teams that defend with 10 men behind the ball, we have to try shots from distance. If we wait until we can walk it into the net, we’ll be there all day.

“It was not a defeat I expected. I was convinced we would bring the points home. I didn’t take the pitch into account, but then it’s always been bad here, even when I was the coach of Sampdoria. It’s better for vegetables than football.”

Bologna have been firing blanks lately and Mihajlovic acknowledges it’s an issue.

“We don’t have a striker who can score 10 goals per season. We create the situations and if we had someone who could convert the chances we create, it’d be better. If we can find someone for free, then maybe…

“I said a few weeks ago that we’d be in the battle to avoid relegation and people said I was crazy, but I could see it coming. We have to get to 40 points as soon as possible and I’m not sure 40 points will be enough this season to guarantee safety.”