Sunday January 10 2021
EDF: 'Fiorentina not superior to Cagliari'

Eusebio Di Francesco concedes Cagliari ‘have every reason to be worried’ after a fourth consecutive defeat, but Fiorentina ‘were by no means superior.’

The coach is inevitably under pressure now, although Joao Pedro had the chance to put his men ahead denied when Bartlomiej Dragowski saved the penalty.

Instead, Jose Callejon got away down the right and was allowed to set up the winner for Dusan Vlahovic.

“When you come to Florence, miss a penalty, play with great temperament and run very few risks at the back, it’s very frustrating to leave empty-handed,” Di Francesco told Sky Sport Italia.

“We just need a turning point, it shouldn’t take much, and this felt like the right opportunity to do that. It’s a real pity, as the result was within our reach. There are a lot of regrets.

“I am happy with the performance, but we lost again and I don’t know what more we can do. I am tired of not picking up points when we play well.”

After four consecutive defeats, Cagliari are now only two points clear of the relegation zone.

“Of course I’m worried, I have every reason to be worried, because we cannot be in this position,” confessed Di Francesco.

“I am worried and disappointed. We need to win a few games to get back on our feet. Fiorentina were by no means superior to us this evening and that is what is truly frustrating.”