Tuesday January 12 2021
Italiano: ‘Spezia must enjoy victory’

Vincenzo Italiano is delighted by Spezia’s win over Sampdoria and insists he must use ‘carrot and stick’ with young players.

The newly promoted Serie A side won their first home game of the season against Sampdoria on Monday and have 17 points in just as many games. It was their second successive win after an away 2-1 victory at Napoli last week.

“This victory was a consequence of that game,” Italiano told Sky Sport.

“We played a great game in the fist half, we prepared the game very well. The victory against Napoli boosted our self-esteem, we must enjoy this moment,” he added.

“We have many young players and we must accept their ups and downs, sometimes they make mistakes and one must use carrot and stick."

M'Bala Nzola has scored his ninth goal in 13 appearances.

“He had a nice opportunity at Carpi a few years ago and he did not make the most of it,” Italiano admitted.

“He developed at Trapani, where we earned Serie B promotion. He has played in two different roles this season, he is helping us so much. He is more mature now, there are strikers who suddenly become decisive.”

Italiano urges the club to sell rather than buy players in January.

“We had COVID cases and injured players and it was easier to handle such a deep squad. Now it’s even complicated to prepare trainings sometimes, we must sell some players and make the squad more functional."