Wednesday January 13 2021
Napoli clarify postponement request

Napoli have clarified the reasons for President Aurelio De Laurentiis' request to postpone the Supercoppa Italiana against Juventus.

Since the reports emerged in Italian media, a lot has been said about the rejected request made by the Azzurri patron.

The Lega confirmed that the Supercoppa Italiana game against Juventus will be carried out as scheduled on January 20.

Given the situation between Juventus and Napoli earlier in the season, the request to postpone the match has been given a lot of attention and the President clarified his reasons for the proposal on the club’s official website.

In an official note, De Laurentiis wanted to push the match to the spring ‘with the hop of opening, even partially, for the public’.

Furthermore, with the possible postponement, there would have been more time to ‘seek more funds from the authorities and sponsors to collect an important amount to be donated to research against COVID-19’.

But the request was rejected, and Napoli must prepare to face Juventus at the Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia in one week.

“SSC Napoli will play in the Italian Super Cup match against Juventus, scheduled to take place in Reggio Emilia on Wednesday 20 January,” Napoli said in a statement. “It is true that club president Aurelio De Laurentiis had asked for the match to be moved to the end of the season or to a potential date in the spring, for a number of logical reasons.

“This was always no more than a proposal. If the match had been played in the spring, there would have been hope of opening the venue, even partially, to supporters.

“In addition, De Laurentiis' proposal was aimed at seeking more funds, from regional and state authorities and various sponsors, to raise a significant sum to donate to research against Covid 19.

“SSC Napoli acknowledges that this request was not accepted and will be present on Wednesday in Reggio Emilia to play Juventus in the Super Cup.”