Friday January 15 2021
Mancini: ‘Inter clash almost decisive for Juve’

Italy CT Roberto Mancini believes Inter-Juve is ‘almost decisive’ for Andrea Pirlo’s side and says Gigio Donnarumma is the best goalkeeper in the world.

Inter and Juventus meet at the Stadio Meazza on Sunday and the Azzurri coach has shared his thoughts on the game in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Inter have improved over the years and they are ready to win, but Juventus have the most competitive team and the experience coming from nine straight Serie A titles," Mancini said.

“It will be almost decisive for Juve. They can’t lose more ground as there are three teams ahead of them in the table, even if they have a game in hand.

“I really enjoy Pirlo’s ideas. He likes offensive football, Juventus haven’t changed a lot and it’s normal not to have continuity. They need time.

“Inter and Juve remain the favourites, but Milan can get till the end. I didn’t expect them to do so well.

“They have Donnarumma, who is the best goalkeeper in the world.”

Who would he pick between Cristiano Ronaldo and Romelu Lukaku?

“Both of them, Cristiano scores so many goals, even at this point of his career. He is a great example for young players.

“Lukaku is another amazing example, when he is not playing, Inter are not the same.”

How about Nicolò Barella and Leonardo Bonucci?

“Barella has been running since the beginning of the season, a little drop is normal. The same is true of Bonucci, he plays every three games, he’s too important for us.”

Will Giorgio Chiellini receive a call-up for Euro 2020?

“I will wait for him until the very end, we know he is ready to play if he is fit, he is crucial for us and a point of reference in the locker room.”