Sunday January 17 2021
Prandelli apologies to Fiorentina fans

Cesare Prandelli apologies to Fiorentina fans and says it’s not possible to lose 6-0 without picking up a yellow card. ‘Their third goal sums it all up.’

“We lost 6-0 without picking up a yellow card, and that makes me think,” Prandelli told DAZN.

“We had a good reaction, we could score the equaliser, it’s difficult to comment this defeat,” he added.

“We conceded six goal from six shots on target, it’s difficult to comment. I apologise to our fans, it had never happened in my career, we must react and don’t talk.

“When you lose, you must have a physical, strong reaction. We had it at the beginning, but later in the first half we conceded too much.

“Their third goal sums it all up. [Lorenzo] Insigne found a way out among five of our players. It can’t happen.

“I saw some good things, but we need to understand our position in the table. We can’t only think about setting up the action, I repeat, their third goal is absurd.

“Our reaction must be strong. Everyone must help the defensive phase.”

Franck Ribery returned from an injury, but was substituted during the half time break.

“He is a champion, I haven’t known him for long time and I still can’t understand when he feels well and when he doesn’t. I told him I would not replace him if he was feeling ok, this is a situation we need to evaluate.”

Giancarlo Antognoni said before the game Fiorentina have set their sights on Papu Gomez and Pato.

“With his class and experience, Antognoni is always able to target the right players, but that’s not the right moment to talk about transfers. We need to understand where we must improve.

“Right now, there is no need to talk, I’ll show the guys a video where we concede a goal with one of their players against five of us.”