Tuesday January 19 2021
Moratti gives his verdict on Inter’s new badge

Massimo Moratti gives his verdict on Inter’s new badge and insists the Nerazzurri must aim for the Scudetto.

“The win against Juventus left me a good feeling and the idea that we can aim for something important this season. Juventus were the opponent I feared the most, but it would be wrong to underestimate Milan,” the former Inter President told Tuttosport.

“When Conte speaks about a gap with Juve, I think he also refers to how the club is structured. Juventus have had the same ownership for 100 years. In footballing terms, the gap has decreased, Inter are playing well. I think Conte speaks about the gap also to motivate his players. Inter can say the word Scudetto because we are not Sassuolo,” he insisted.

Are Suning going to sell a majority stake in the club?

“Honestly, I don’t know the latest developements. I’ve read they are looking for a minority shareholder, but also something else. It’s their problem, but they should say something, they should inform fans about what’s going on. I’d be sorry if they sell the club, because they were the best ownership Inter could find."

Would he buy Inter again?
“No, some clubs have become so big, they can’t be managed by a single person anymore.”

Inter will reportedly change their badge soon.

“Once, in the first years of my presidency, we went to Austria for a cup match and they wrote 'Inter Milan' in the board. I remember I spoke to a director of our opponents asking to remove ‘Milan’ and they did it. Inter are known because we are Inter, there is no reason to add anything else.”