Tuesday January 19 2021
Lazio confirm Luis Alberto appendicitis

Lazio released a statement confirming midfielder Luis Alberto was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery to remove his appendix.

There had been multiple reports he was taken to the Paideia Clinic in Rome, where Lazio have most of their medical tests.

The 28-year-old had been at home with his family and even posted on social media that he was playing Guess Who? with his daughter just hours before the news broke.

“Luis Alberto underwent emergency surgery at the Clinica Paideia for acute appendicitis this evening,” read a statement.

“The operation, which was a complete success, was performed by Doctor Marco Catarci and his team in the presence of Doctor Fabio Rodia.

“The player will be monitored in the clinic to calculate how long it will be before he can resume his sporting activity.”

It’s reported Luis Alberto will remain for a couple of days and be out of action for at least seven to 10 days.