Wednesday January 20 2021
Mancini: 'Insigne covers too much ground'

Italy coach Roberto Mancini explains why Lorenzo Insigne isn’t quite as effective this evening for Napoli against Juventus. ‘He has too much ground to cover.’

The CT spoke to RAI Sport at half-time, when it was 0-0 in the Supercoppa at the Mapei Stadium.

“Juve have more possession, but aren’t finding the spaces to get shots away, whereas Napoli are very dangerous on the counter and had the only massive chance of the first half with Lozano.”

Insigne has been on sparkling form lately, but so far hasn’t been able to make as much impact this evening.

“He’s working hard for the team and tracking back a lot, so perhaps that means he has too much of the pitch to cover. Usually he does better in the final third, but like this he has more ground to cover.

“I am happy that Giorgio Chiellini is back to full fitness, that is always good news.”