Friday January 22 2021
Roma lose 3-0 to Spezia by default

Spezia won 4-2 against Roma in the last 16 of the Coppa Italia, but the Sporting Judge has cancelled the result and handed Roma a 3-0 defeat by default.

The Sporting Judge decided Roma another 3-0 defeat by default after the Giallorossi made too many substitutions against Spezia in the Coppa Italia.

The verdict from the Sporting Judge arrived this afternoon and confirmed the defeat by default after the sixth substitute.

Roma are out of the Coppa Italia but the 4-2 defeat will be cancelled in favour of a 3-0 loss by default, given the serious error of Roma, who replaced six players during the match.

The number of games lost over the table this season has therefore officially doubled to two occasions. The first was the opener against Hellas Verona, when the team irregulary fielded Amadou Diawara in the 0-0 draw.