Saturday January 23 2021
Conte and Oriali see red in ref row

Antonio Conte and Inter team manager Lele Oriali were sent off in Udine, with reports of an ugly row with referee Fabio Maresca in the tunnel.

Conte saw red from the touchline for dissent during the final minutes of their 0-0 draw with Udinese, which saw the Nerazzurri miss out on the title of Winter Champions.

He was heard shouting sarcastically: “It’s always you, Maresca. It’s always you. Even in the VAR, it’s always you, Maresca. Well done, Maresca.”

Sky Sport Italia report there was a kerfuffle in the tunnel after the final whistle, when the teams were making their way back to the dressing rooms.

It was here that team manager Oriali was also sent off and the reports state there was an even more unpleasant verbal clash between the referee, Conte and Oriali.

“You have to accept it when you don’t win,” Maresca is reported to have said in return.