Saturday January 23 2021
Prandelli saw 'more balanced' Fiorentina

Cesare Prandelli acknowledges the 3-5-2 formation makes Fiorentina ‘much more balanced and organised,’ but they were also more aggressive against Crotone.

A sensational Giacomo Bonaventura volley and Dusan Vlahovic finishing a well-worked move gave them the 2-0 lead, with Nwankwo Simy pulling one back in the second half.

“We played well, fought for every ball, remained concentrated and got the win even though we tried to over-complicate matters in the second half,” Prandelli told DAZN.

“In modern football, you have to be aggressive and get the ball back when the opposition has it. Quality is wonderful, but it means little without determination and aggression, so we need to use both elements, especially in our current position.

“The quality must also never take over from teamwork. It has to be used in favour of the team, to create chances and play our way forward. I am pleased that for the most part, we did that today.”

Prandelli went back to the 3-5-2 formation after last week’s disastrous 6-0 defeat to Napoli.

“The midfield was much more balanced and organised this evening. We didn’t allow Crotone the spaces they usually relish. Every game is different and you learn from each experience, positive or negative.

“We might run into different issues next week, every team is dangerous in this very strange season. I hope these three points can boost our self-esteem and it was one of our best performances.”